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Historical Archives

The British Cardiovascular Society, established in 1922, is the oldest cardiovascular society in the world and the national society for all UK cardiologists. A formal historical archive was established in 1993 by Dr Arthur Hollman. The collection includes a library of books and journals about cardiovascular medicine. BCS Museum has a rich archive of manuscripts, original papers, photographs, biographical material and more, with specific files on Thomas Lewis and James Mackenzie. The society’s history is conserved with membership lists, records of society rules and annual meetings and photographs of all presidents. The purpose of the BCS Museum is to support medical learning and document cardiovascular history. Resources are available to members and researchers and will include digital resources and an oral history collection in future.

Biographical Material of Cardiologists

Original papers, obituary notices, photographs, of former members of the Society and of physicians from abroad. There are large files on Sir Thomas Lewis, Sir James Mackenzie, Sir John Parkinson and Dr Paul Wood.

Original Manuscripts

Manuscript letters in their original state written by Sir James Mackenzie and Sir Thomas Lewis among several others. See “Appendix A” for a complete list. Generously donated by Dr Arthur Hollman.

Cardiology Articles

Articles relating to specialties within cardiology for example: cardiac catheterisation, electrocardiography, radiology, rehabilitation, surgery and many others.

The Cardiac Club

The Cardiac Club of 1922-1937. Original documents of the club.

British Cardiac Society Material

Material relating to meetings of the British Cardiac Society 1937- 2006, including the scientific programmes and attendance books with signatures. Selected correspondence of the officers and financial statements. Minutes of council meetings.

British Cardiovascular Society Material

The British Cardiovascular Society 2006 onwards. Programmes of the annual meeting.



Journals Collection

Collection of Journals:

    1. British Heart Journal complete set from volume 1 in 1939 to its change of title to Heart in 1991 and Heart since then.
    2. Cardiovascular Research 1966-1995 (a few volumes missing).
Arthur Hollman Posters

Posters created by Arthur Hollman and shown at annual meetings of the Society:

    1. Paintings of cardiac pathology, 1830, by Robert Carswell: Carswell.jpg.”
    2. Sir James Mackenzie, 1853  – 1925. Founder of 20th century British cardiology: Sir James Mackenzie Poster.jpg.”
    3. Sir Thomas Lewis: Thomas Lewis Poster.pdf.”
    4. Cardiac Club 90th Anniversary: Cardiac Club 90th Anniversary.pdf.”
    5. Stethoscopes: The History of the Stethoscope.jpg.”
    6. Murals at the Institute of Cardiology, Mexico, 1944 by Diego Rivera: Rivera.jpg.”
The Peacock Club

BCS Museum has the bound volume of the minutes of the Peacock Club which was founded in 1948 at Guy’s Hospital London by Lord R C Brock “for those concerned with the management of congenital disease of the heart.” The club met from April 21 1948 until March 12 1956. Topics discussed ranged from Dr Maurice Campbell analysing 400 patients he had seen with congenital heart disease, to Mr Brock talking on the development of the infundibulum of the heart, to members telling of individual patients. After 1950 the club also discussed “mitral stenosis and acquired heart disease.” The club was named after Dr Thomas Bevill Peacock (1812-1882), a physician at St Thomas’ Hospital who wrote one of the best early monographs on congenital heart disease in 1858, “On Malformations of the Human Heart.”  The minutes of the club give a unique view of the early days of the investigation and treatment of congenital heart disease at a time when R C Brock was a world leader in cardiac surgery. This volume has been generously placed in our library by Professor Tom Treasure.

    1. Appendix A: Manuscript Letters: Appendix A.”
    2. Appendix B: Electrocardiograms and Phonocardiograms
      Recorded by Dr Thomas Lewis 1909-1913: Appendix B.”
    3. Appendix C: List of Apparatus and Equipment
      in the BCS Museum: Appendix C.”
    4. Appendix D: Thomas Lewis Diplomas: Appendix D.”
    5. Appendix E: Photographs: Appendix E.”