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Cardiac Surgical Instruments

Many instruments were designed by the surgeons them-selves for specific cardiac surgical purposes, like the valve dilators designed by Russell Claude Brock (1903-1980). Lord Brock’s mitral valve dilator was found to be more effective than Souttar’s finger fracture technique for commissurotomy.

The Pott’s shunt, a connection between the descend-aorta and left pulmonary artery, was an alternative to the Blalock-Taussig shunt in neonates; this was relatively easy to perform because it did not involve small calibre vessels such as the subclavian artery, but was abandoned because it was associated with a high incidence of pulmonary hypertension.


Image Reference
Potts Clamp, 1947. For aorto-pulmonary anastomosis in Tetralogy of Fallot.